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        Zhejiang Mulolo Toys & Crafts Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented private enterprise specializing in the development, production and operation of wooden toys and crafts. It is a key enterprise in Yunhe County, known as “Wooden Toy City in China”. Since its establishment, our company has always adhered to the business management concept of “People-oriented, Creditable & Innovative”, implements a sound production, operation and management system and operates business in an honest and lawful way under the leadership and support of local government. As a result, our company has expanded rapidly. In recent years, it has grown by leaps and bounds and reaped great economic and social benefits.
        I. Major Honors:
        2004-2007 It has won the honorary title of “Key Enterprise” and “Advanced Enterprise” in Yunhe County” for four consecutive years.
        2002-2007 It has won the honorary title of “Top 10 Wooden Toy Enterprises” in Yunhe County for six consecutive years.
        “Star Enterprise” in Yunhe County
        “Major Taxpayer” in Yunhe County
        2000-2007: It has been rated as “AAA” level by Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch for eight consecutive years.
        Other Honors: Civilization Unit” in Yunhe County
        “Advanced Staff Home” granted by Lishui Municipal Federation of Trade Unions
        “Credible Private Enterprise” in Lishui City
        Leading Enterprise of Forestry Industry in Zhejiang Province
        “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise” (AA level) granted by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce
        “Labor and Social Security Credible Enterprise” granted by Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Zhejiang Province
        ”Advanced Party Branch” of Yunhe Industrial Park
        “Advanced Staff Home” of Lishui City
        “Advanced Unit Striving for Being Professional Organization and Staff” of Lishui City
        II. Corporate Scale
        In 2009, our company had total assets of RMB 43.56 million and achieved an output value of more than RMB 50 million. It covers an area of 12,000 square meters and a building area of 18,000 square meters.
        III. Business Management
        Management is an eternal theme of enterprise. Our company always attaches importance to standard and scientific management and gives priority to corporation culture construction. At the initial stage of establishment, our company transformed “traditional family management mode” commonly employed by peer companies and developed our own business management concept of “People-oriented, Credible & Innovative”. In addition, it advances with times and incorporates new contents into the concept constantly. As a result, the concept becomes the core content of corporate culture.
        Our company integrates modern enterprise management theory with specific business and develops its own characteristics management model and management system by virtue of routine management and innovation. It sets up four practical management system, namely Schedule Process Management, Quality Process Management, Target Cost Process Control and Safety Production & Fire Safety Management by reforming the system of personal responsibility and standardizing operating instructions; it stresses both process and result and give priority to pre-control to avoid post-handling. Our company is ranked No. 1 in production capability in the industry and it is renowned for the production line with most stable control function. As a result, it can make products to a RMB 10 million order independently once and is an image promotion window of Chinese Wooden Toy City. It attaches importance to the implementation of various machinery and equipment security measures and standard use of labor protective devices of the staff to ensure the safety of the production process; it adopts international toy safety technology quality standard and it boasts perfect detection methods, independent quality control department and strict quality control procedures which guarantee control on the every links and procedure such as from sample production to final recognition from customers, from selection of qualified suppliers, procurement of raw materials and product shipment to a maximum extent. As a result, it can meet the requirements for product quality and price of customer and achieve the objective of zero claims.
        Our company adopts international operational and managerial practices and employs advanced international management measures to increase overall management level and capacity. It has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and is listed as one of International Forest Product FSC/COC Certified Enterprises and Certified Export Toy Production Enterprises, which lays solid foundation for sustainable operation and development.
        IV. Technological Innovation Capability
        Our company has 15 professional designers and sample makers, 18 professional technicians and more than 40 professional technicians. It always attaches importance to investment in science and technology, increases independent technical innovation capability and takes the initiatives to design and develop wooden toys with CAD (Computer-assisted Design System) to effectively increase the efficiency of product development and integrated technical support capability of the company. Our professional technicians excel at technical safety standard in toy production in Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions. Our company has developed eight serials of wooden toy crafts (house series, fruit series, early childhood education series, castle series, vehicle series, breakfast serials and photo frame series) with a total of 1,800 kinds of products in succession. At present, our company is capable of developing and producing wooden toy crafts, being engaged in original brand manufacture and meeting the requirements of professional integrated technical capacity for mass production process. Additionally, the successful application of the information management system (ERP) which our company participated in its development has effectively increased information circulation speed and management efficiency of our company.
        V. Competitiveness
        Wooden toy industry follows national industrial development policies. Three international certified management standards such as strong capability for product design and technical support, standard and rigorous product quality control measures and quality, environmental and occupational health and safety endow our company with great advantages in industrial and market competition, which is also the key to contribute to rapid and sustainable development of our company. The registered “Laughing Intelligent Monkey” wooden toy is listed as one of “Famous Brand Products” in Lishui City and is applying for “Famous Brands” in Zhejiang Province.
        VI. Integrated Credit and Efficiency
        “Honesty, Credit and Lawful Operation” is the basic rule for an enterprise to follow to achieve sustainable development in market economy system. Our company always adheres to the rule and has never produced fake products and conducted illegal operation. Over the past years, our company is always honest to customers (buyers and suppliers), the staff, relative stakeholders, government and society. As a result, its meeting rate of export orders, the fulfilling rate of procurement and the honoring rate of agreement with affiliated parties all stand at 100% and it has never been involved in any economic and legal disputes. No matter how difficult the circumstance is, our company insists on paying wages to the staff on a monthly basis on schedule and ensures the staff works at post without worries.         As a private enterprise, our company always adheres to the principle of paying closely attention to and reciprocating society and takes the initiative to support social public welfare, charitable donations and assistance activities organized by local government and organizations. It donated over RMB100,000 and creates a good image in society. Meanwhile, it has also improved economic and social benefits.
        VII. Development Objective
        Currently, the international wooden toy craft market is booming and enterprises face fierce competition. To further increase production capability, reduce production cost, boost scale operation benefits and enhance competitiveness, our company is to increase the annual output value of RMB120 million, sales revenue of RMB100 million, export profits of USD12 million and an annual output value of industrial chain to RMB 300 million within 3-5 years.
        We work hard as always, explore into new production and management measures and make a contribution to regional economy and social harmony by virtue of outstanding operating performance.


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